Try These Amazing Tricks To Clean Clothes In Winter Without Having To Wash Them

Alot of people avoid contact with water during winter. Water, which becomes a lifesaver during extreme heat, turns into a foe when the temperature drops. And, washing your clothes in the winter season in absence of a washing machine can turn out to be a huge challenge. If you need to get your clothes cleaned, then there are ways to remove stains or germs from your clothes without having to use water. Some of those ways are listed below:
Use Lemon For Removing Stains

Squeeze some lemon juice on the stained area, rub it thoroughly using the lemon, wipe it with a wet cloth and keep it under the fan to dry. This will remove the mark on the cloth almost immediately.

Put Clothes Under The Sun

People avoid washing warm garments frequently because doing so could ruin the clothes. Warm clothes do not get soiled as quickly. You can place the garments in the sun for a while to get rid of the dust.

Use A Sanitiser

The easiest way to keep clothes germ-free during winter is to use a cloth sanitiser. You could sterilise the clothes rather than wash them. As a result, the bacteria will be eliminated. In addition to that, doing so can also eradicate the damp or foul smell.

Use Club Soda For Coffee Spills

Coffee stains are very common but easy to take care of. Just sprinkle some salt on the stain and pour club soda on it. Leave it overnight to make sure the stain vanishes completely.