Crowds flock to a PUDDLE as families rush to visit unlikely tourist attraction

Crowds are flocking to a puddle as families rush to visit a very unlikely tourist attraction.

Visitors have spoken of their love for the unlikely spot in Nottinghamshire which has attracted families at weekends.

They are visiting to watch cars and other vehicles attempt to negotiate the flooded road – and get splashed in the process.

Rufford Ford, in the village of Rufford located just outside of Mansfield, regularly gets flooded with deep water during heavy rainfall.

It has become a pastime for tourists visiting nearby Rufford Abbey to watch cars drive through the water.

On many occasions, vehicles become stuck in the water after their engines cut out – leading to emergency services being called to rescue operations.

The stretch of road was once named as the most common place in the county for drivers to get stuck.

Among the visitors to the site on Saturday was Sarah Smith, 35, from Lincolnshire, who goes to watch the cars drive through the ford with her family.

She explained: “We love it, we come every week. Just the cars going through and splashing everywhere, the boys love it!

“You see cars get stuck, they break down. Some idiots speeding.”

Nottinghamshire Police were seen in the area earlier this year after a video emerged showing a number of cars and quadbikes speeding through standing water.

Wayne Attenborough, 34, from Nottingham was visiting with his children on Saturday.

Mr Attenborough said: “The kids love to get splashed. It’s like an attraction.”

Ciaran Patteson, 17, also from Nottingham, added: “We’ve been here loads of times.

“It’s just flooded. Cars get stuck and get dragged out. I saw a taxi get stuck in it last week.”

Dave Jones, 51, who was visiting family in the area and went along to watch cars passing by at the Ford, said: “Kids love it, the kids love to get splashed.

“It’s free entertainment for the kids, a bit of water. When the 4x4s go through they get splashed. Look how many people come and go, the kids love it.”

But Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue have issued a fresh warning to drivers about the dangers.

A spokesperson said: “Edwinstowe Blue Watch are back at Rufford Ford this weekend to talk with drivers about road and water safety.

“Remember, it only takes an egg cupful of water sucked into your engine to wreck it.”